Inflation Lowers In Germany
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Deflation In Germany

June 1, 2019

Energy is becoming increasingly expensive in Germany – but in many other sectors, prices are rising much more slowly than expected.

WallStreetDope.Com | June 1, 2019

The rise in consumer prices in Germany slowed significantly in the month of May. The annual tax rate fell to 1.4 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Friday in Wiesbaden on the basis of preliminary data.

In April, the inflation rate was still at two percent. In addition to higher energy costs, above all increased prices and the Easter holiday month had contributed. Month-on-month consumer prices rose 0.2% in May.

Energy was 4.2 percent more expensive in May than a year ago, but here too the price increase is significantly lower than in April (4.6 percent). Inflation was also dampened by services that cost 1.2 percent more than a year ago.

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