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Corn futures turn higher as USDA forecasts lowest U.S. production in 4 years

Corn futures turned higher Tuesday after the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report said U.S. corn production for the 2019/2020 marketing year is forecast to decline by 1.4 million bushels to 13.7 billion, which would be the lowest since the 2015/2016 marketing year. “U.S. corn will be in short supply, but emotions, […]

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Tariffs, Mr. Trump’s Miracle Cure

By The Editorial Board | NYT The president appears to view tariffs as the solution to a wide range of foreign policy problems. It isn’t working. So we’re going to tax Americans until Mexico stops allowing people from Central America to exercise their legal right to seek admission to the United States? Seems pretty foolproof. President […]

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Inflation Lowers In Germany
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Deflation In Germany

Energy is becoming increasingly expensive in Germany – but in many other sectors, prices are rising much more slowly than expected. WallStreetDope.Com | June 1, 2019 The rise in consumer prices in Germany slowed significantly in the month of May. The annual tax rate fell to 1.4 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Friday […]

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