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Tariffs, Mr. Trump’s Miracle Cure

By The Editorial Board | NYT The president appears to view tariffs as the solution to a wide range of foreign policy problems. It isn’t working. So we’re going to tax Americans until Mexico stops allowing people from Central America to exercise their legal right to seek admission to the United States? Seems pretty foolproof. President […]

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Playing Poker Can Give You an Edge In Investing. Says new study.
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Poker-Playing Hedge Fund Managers Have an Edge

A new study strengthens the case that skill at the card game helps in the investment decision-making process.  By Aaron Brown May 30, 2019, 5:00 AM CDT Do poker players make good hedge fund managers? On one hand, there’s skill overlap. Both activities demand aggressiveness, accurate calculations under pressure, keen behavioral insight and shrewd risk-taking. On […]

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