Marriott discloses new data breach

The hotel group is sending emails to guests affected by the breach. Marriott International said Tuesday that names, mailing addresses, loyalty account numbers and other personal information of an estimated 5.2 million guests may have been exposed in a data breach. This is the second major security incident to hit the hotel group in less than two years.  Read […]

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Mark Cuban Believes Warren Is Deliberately Misleading Public Mark Cuban on Saturday joined a growing list of billionaires to openly criticize democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s tax policy and healthcare plan. What Happened Learn More Warren Buffett, taxing capital income is a bad idea Mark Cuban on Saturday joined a growing list of billionaires to […]

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Senator Kamala Harris Being Sworn In

Kamala Harris Predicted To Be 2020 Presidential Nominee

Predictive Markets Point To Harris Being Nominee By: J.L | June 29, 2019 According to the prediction markets, Sen. Kamala Harris looks to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee. Most would say that the official polls do not point to that conclusion, however, markets are usually never wrong. Do you remember what happened back in November […]

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